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BizTalk Systems Limited

At BizTalk we are passionate about technology, but since technology is broad, we have selected specific related areas for our core business. We offer web design, web hosting, database application development, internet marketing, networking and a small fraction of enterprise business solutions.

Our business strategy is designed to offer high quality and reliable services to Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) and the corporate markets. In order to achieve the quality services we apply the latest technology, professional staff and a high degree of customer consultation and support in executing your business needs.

The end product is an on-time cost effective solution that works because we recognize that our customers expect reliability and good value from us.

How we work

We take a systematic approach at each project execution, this helps us determine the functionality required. At each project we carry out:

  • Requirements analysis - At this phase we identify the client's objectives and also assess the project's technical requirements.
  • Feasibility study - Having learnt the project requirements, we now evaluate the functional, procedural and financial constraints of the project.
  • System development - We now start putting things together, if it’s a software project programming starts or drawing network topology for a network project.
  • Project progress – In between the project we track the project progress and community back to the client
  • Deployment and testing - At this phase we test all components of the system to ensure that we have acquired the desired functionality
  • Delivery and training - We deploy the finalized system and start training users.
  • Maintenance - We roll out our routine maintenance plan that helps keep your newly developed system up to date and functional.

What we do

We only offer a related subset of services, this leaves us free to do what we do best to provide a reliable and high quality service in the following fields

  • Web design and development
  • Web hosting and domain name registration
  • Database application development
  • Internet marketing
  • Computer networking and support
  • Business solutions

Where we work

Established in Uganda, BizTalk Systems is an IT solutions provider for the great East African region and the rest of Africa. We offer our services to clientele with in this region and beyond that are striving to acquire innovative services in the field of web design, web hosting, database application development, internet marketing, networking and other business solutions



“Producing the most reliable systems that work as an integrated part of your business”

Hence our slogan

Systems built for results



To be the most preferred IT service provider providing the most innovative solutions to businesses

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