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Working At BizTalk Systems

At BizTalk systems we are an equal opportunity entity employing people from a vast range background, we only care about what you can bring onto us. We have therefore developed a program called Freelance Enrollment Program (FEP) in which you can participate before joining our team of output oriented staff. If you feel you can deliver just write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it tell us about yourself and send us samples or links of your work then we shall write back and assign you some piece of work which we shall pay for if you deliver on time and of good quality.

This way we only employ individual who can deliver and can keep up with pace of our company growth. We are always on the look for programmers, website designers and developers, network administrators, system analysts, graphics designers, database developers and more…

How does FEP works?

  • You must be competent of delivering whatever you claim you can
  • Write and tell us what about yourself and what you can do, also give us sample if available
  • We shall write back and invite you for a chat to discuss the possibilities of joining us
  • We will assign you work or a task to do for us for which we shall pay you for completing and delivering on time
  • Join us or continue working as a freelance staff of us

Why try FEP?

  • So simple as you don’t have to keep walking around dropping resumes
  • It’s like doing an interview and you are paid to do the interview
  • You don’t have to be a graduate to get a job, just tell us what you can do and we shall give you a chance to give it a try
  • You decide whether to join and work with us or continue working part-time as a freelancer